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How to become a coach in the DAA

Whether you played sports your entire life or not at all, there is a need you can fill in Demarest coaching youth sports. At the youngest levels, kids are trying sports for the 1st time. They need a supportive environment to build confidence. They also need a lighthearted approach to keep things fun. Does this sound like a part you could play? A couple small steps for you could have life long effects on your child and their peers. Here’s what you need to get started coaching for the DAA:

1) Completion of training in the Rutgers Youth Sports Safety Program

This program takes about 3 hours, and must be completed in person. The sessions are typically offered in local medical facilities. Once the program has been completed the training is good for life. 

Find a class and signup here:

For more info on the class, follow this link:

The DAA will reimburse the $30 fee for the class.

2) Completion of the CDC's Heads Up concussion training program

Demarest has been a leader in promoting awareness regarding head injuries in youth sports. This short online presentation prepares coaches for the day one of their players may have a brain injury. The program is simple but informative, free, and can be taken anywhere online through the link below:

CDC Online Concussion Training Course for Youth Sports

Be sure to print your completion certificate at the conclusion of the program.

3) Once completed, please scan and email both your coach’s card and your head up training to the sport commissioner and to Steve Conti:

4)  The last step in the process is background check. A questionnaire will be sent directly to your email address by our vendor. Once the review is complete the DAA will get a confirmation that you are approved. 

Become a Coach

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