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DAA Basketball




Our mission is to support our players, offering them a comprehensive experience

that includes competitive play opportunities in both recreational and travel leagues.

Related Sports Offered

Boys and Girls Basketball, Rec & Travel, Clinic (1st/2nd grades)


Travel registration is now closed.

Rec/Clinic Registration is now closed


January - March 

*Season start and end dates are subject to change


Recreational Teams For Game Play - (Northern Valley Recreation Basketball League)

  • Boys and Girls

  • 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th

  • Open to all players of all abilities no prior basketball experience needed

Travel Teams (Bergen Travel Basketball League)

  • Boys Teams 3rd-8th grade only (single grades comprise each team)

  • Girls Teams 3rd-8th grade only (single grades comprise each team) 

Instructional Clinics

  • Boys and Girls 

  • 1st & 2nd Grade

  • Dates: clinics practice take place on Saturdays between 9-11 AM EST

*All dates are times are subject to change

Competing/Participating Towns

Both recreational and travel teams play in Northern Valley, Bergen County

  • Recreational League: NVRBL (Northern Valley Recreation Basketball League)

  • Travel League: Bergen Travel Basketball League

Demarest develops its own teams for participation in the leagues



Please volunteer to coach! Without coaches, there are no teams! 


All Volunteers who would like to coach, please sign up during registration in the area provided.  

Please note that in order to coach, complete the following three steps - 

1) Rutgers SAFETY Clinic - 

2) CDC Heads Up Training -

3) HireRight (Background Check) - you will receive an email directly from HireRight as soon as you register as a coach

*All three items must be provided to the Basketball Commissioner before you are assigned a team.

Contact Details

Basketball Commissioners: 

Basketball Commissioners*

Rec Basketball team*:

Travel Basketball*:

* email will be sent to all the individuals within the group

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