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Whether you have watched from the sidelines or worked with your child in the back yard, you have probably realized how much fun it is to participate in your child's development of athleticism and skills specific to their beloved sports. The DAA openly encourages all parents to become formal coaches in the DAA-organized sports. In order to become an officially designated coach, several steps must be taken to assure the safety of all the participating children.

Once you’ve completed the training, it is good for life and applies to all of the DAA sports (baseball/softball, soccer, and basketball). Some of my favorite memories for my kids so far involve working with them on beautiful Saturday mornings in Wakelee.

The Necessary Steps:  

1) Completion of training in the Rutgers Youth Sports Safety Program


This program takes about 3 hours, and must be completed in person. The sessions are typically offered in local medical facilities. Once the program has been completed the training is good for life. 

The cost is $30. 

To identify a time/location near you offering the program, please review the schedule which is available at the link below:


Rutgers Youth Sports Safety Program Schedule


2) Completion of the CDC's Heads Up concussion training program

Over the past few years, awareness of the frequency of concussions and their potential near- and long-term implications has been of growing public concern. A concussion is a brain injury that needs to be taken seriously. Ahead of state and national mandates, the DAA has implemented mandatory concussion training for all of its coaches.

The program is simple but informative, free, and can be taken anywhere online through the link below:

CDC Online Concussion Training Course for Youth Sports

Once you have completed the CDC Heads Up Training, you must either print or create a PDF of your training.